Bursting with berries high in vitamin C and totally caffeine-free this is one of two specially selected Children's teas, this one is so versatile and delicious that the whole family will love it 


Brewers Guide

Aroma: currants

Flavour: Fresh and fruity 

Brew time : 3 mins 

How do you take it: on its own no milk in this one, great over ice, make ice cubes out of it, add fizzy water to it for a refreshing summer drink even  make ice lolly's out of it, it's quite sweet on its own but you could add a touch of sweeter and an added bouns its a fully certified organic blend 

Caffeine Content: Caffeine-free


Small 50g

Medium 100g

Large 200g


Ingredients: Fully Organic Apple pieces, rosehip, hibiscus 


Afternoon tea for mom dad and me