Caribbean sunrise Part of our cocktails and Mocktail's collection

Iinspired by rum and cola flavours the cocktails and Mocktail's collection can be hot brewed or cold brewed to make a fabulous non alcoholic cocktail or used a low sugar low calorie mixer for pina colada inspired cocktails


Brewing guide

Aroma: rum and cola

Flavour: rum and cola and lime

Brewing time : 3 mins hot brew 12 hour cold brew

How do you take it : over ice or on its own with milk its quite sweet on its own .

Organic : No 

Caffiene free : No 


Large 200g 80 cups

Medium 100g 40 cups

Small 50g 20 cups 



Black tea , Pineapple pieces, Lemongrass, Apple pieces white,Apple pieces (roasted), Orange peel & Marigold bloom petals

Caribbean Sunrise