Detox is key to a healthy body each and every one of us can benfit from a good old clean up of the sysytem every now and again , My body rocks so I detox can help you along in this department and give you a push in the right direction , great for weight loss and healthy eating plan or just when you know you have been over indulging 


Brewers guide 

Aroma : minty

Flavour : Minty and sweet

Brewing time : 1 to 4 mins

How do you take it : On its own , with or without sweetner , over ice 


Small 50g

Medium 100g

Large 200g


Ingredients :Stinging nettle leaves , Roasted mate ,peppermint ,licorice root, rosehip peel ,linden blossoms , elderflower blossoms 





My Body rocks so I detox

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