Eastern promise a blend of indian spices warming and aromatic with ingreidents such as ginger , cinnamon,cloves and peppercorns eastern  promise  chai style will whisk you off to warmer shores and delight your tastebuds along the way 


Brewers guide 


Aroma : Cinnamonics 

Flavour : Cinnamon , spicy 

Brewing time 1 to 3 mins

How do you take it : With or without milk , Over ice with or without sweetner , ideal with steemed milk for a chai lattle . also great for chai infused scones or cakes

Orgainc : No 

Caffeine free : No 


Small 50g

Medium 100g

Large 200g



Black tea , Cinnamon pieces , Aniseed , Rooibos , Ginger pieces , Peppercorns  & Cloves 

Eastern promise