Just for the girl's 
is an aromatic blend designed with women in mind with ingredients such as angelica root, juniper berries and chamomile just for the girls can help with menstrual cramps and intestinal discomfort, gas and bloating along with soothing muscle cramps  and its really delicious 
Brewers Guide 

Aorma : cinnamon 
Flavour: warming and chai like 
Brewing time: 3 to 6 mins 
How do you take it : on its own , with milk and sweeteners of your choice or infuse with milk to make a latte 
Large 200g
Medium 100g
Small 50g 
orange peel, ginger pieces, cinnamon pieces, peppercorns, liquorice root, juniper berries, green cardamom (whole in the shell), dandelion root, chamomile, angelica

Just for the girls