Mighty Matcha is a powerhouse of antioxidants and has so many health benefits its high in caffeine so don't overdo it. I know it looks like something from a Halloween movie and taste is not to everyone's liking I add a splash of milk and a spoon of honey to mine and it very nice.


Try our Matcha for a month challenge your body will thank you for it.


Brewers guide 

Aroma: Matcha has a green tea aroma

Flavour: Matcha flavour anyone who has tried it will know 

Brewing time: Add water whisk fast  until its frothy and drink, We have tea bowl and matcha whisks for sale if you don't have one 

Organic : Yes

Caffeine free : No 


One month's supply 



Deep green, silky leaf material of highest ceremonial quality Japanese Kyoto Matcha cha no you bio Traditionally ground in stone mills

Mighty Macho Matcha