In this fast-paced crazy world, we all get stressed and overwhelmed the combination of ingredients in a sea of tranquillity is designed to relax and restore the mind with every purchase of a large packet of a sea of tranquillity you will receive a guide to a 10 min unwind and we make a donation to Jigsaw mental health awareness for young people. Sea of tranquillity is also 100% certified Organic.


Brewers Guide 

Aroma: sweet citrus 

Flavour: Mango

Brewing time: 2 to 5 mins 

How do you take it: On its own with added sweetener or over ice 


Small 50g

Medium 100g

Large 200g


Ingredients: Fully certified organic 

Apple pieces, carrot pieces, lemon verbena, orange peel, apple pieces freeze-dried, natural flavour lemongrass, freeze-dried peach pieces, pink rosebuds, pink cornflower petals 


Sea of tranquility

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