Sweet Coco green

Green tea with a twist for those who want the green tea effect but not so keen on the taste that high grade green tea brings we have added hazelnut brittle and chocolate the white and green tea partnership makes a wonderful health match 

Brewer guide 
Aroma : chocolate
Flavour : hazelnut and chocolate
Brewing time: 3 to 5 mins but you can leave the infusion method in the cup with this one if you want cant be over brewed
How do you take it : on its own or with milk and sweetener

Small 50g 20 cup 
Medium 100g 40 cup
Large 200g 80 

Each serving can be brewed at least twice with this blend if you wish yielding double the cup amounts mentioned above

Green tea , White tea,Hazelnut brittle , Cocoa shells , aloe vera pieces & Marigold blooms.

Sweet Coco Green