Sweet Dreamzzz does exactly what it does on the tin 

The addition of Valerian root, chamomile  melissa and lavender flowers make this a powerful combination to aid in restful nights sleep .we have also added peppermint to sooth the stomach and ease any digestion discomfort 

Its also fully certified organic 

This is an evening night time tea only we dont recommend driving or operating machinery after consuming sweet Dreamzzz 

Brews guide 

Aroma : fresh and minty
Flavour : mild minty and a slight citrus 
Brewing time: 4 to 6 mins or longer if you wish you cant over brew this one 
How do you take it : on its own just as it is before bedtime or for relaxing after a hard day 


Fully organic 
Valerian root, chamomile,sage ,mellisa, lemongrass , fennel, lavender flowers , lemongrass , cardamom seeds , peppermint .

Sweet Dreamzzz