Tea-Tox is the ultimate detox in a cup packed to the brim with powerful rejuvenating and detoxifying ingredients and the bonus is it actually tastes delicious

Brewers guide
Aroma : fresh and citrus
Flavours: citrus and minty 
Brewing time: As it contains green tea 3 to 5 mins is enough with 80c water 
How do you take it : with 80c water hot or cold you can also add milk and or sweeteners if you wish 

Small 50g aprox 20 cups
Medium 100g aprox 40 cups 
Large 200g aprox 80 cups 

Each serving can be doubled brewed if you like yeilding double the cup amounts mentioned above

Guide is 2 to 3 cups per day 1 hour before or after meals 

Green-tea,BlackBerry leaves,Stinging nettles, Rosehip,Lemongrass,Peppermint,Black tea,Orange triangles,Goji berries,Safflower petals,Sunflower petals, Pink pepper corns,Liquorice root & Chilli peppers