Vavavoom is a high engery brew packed with ingreidents such as turmeric , papya , lemongrass ,orange peel and marigold blooms its designed to put a pep in your step 


Brewers Guide 

Aroma : orange , citrus 

Flavour : Vanilla and anise 

Brewing time : 2 to 4 mins 

How do you take it : On its own or with added sweetner 

Caffeine Content : moderate


Small 50g

Medium 100g

Large 200g 


Ingredients: apple pieces (roasted), apple pieces white (apple pieces, antioxidant: citric acid (E330)), melon pieces (cantaloupe, sugar, acidulant: citric acid (E330)), rosehip peel, papaya pieces (papaya, sugar, antioxidant: citric acid (E330), separating agent:rice flour), orange peel, lemongrass, flavour, turmeric (3%), rose flower petals red, natural flavour, marigold bloom petals


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